Friday, May 2, 2014


How to get this Script

Please send Email with Subject "Word Count"  to for Zip File

Note: Customization can be done on Request

This Script will find the Count of each Word. Means In a  given Line or Paragraph or in a Page it will find each word and the number of times the word has appeared

How to Use it
1) Download the zip file (Please send Email with Subject "Word Count"  to for Zip File)
2) Unzip the Files
3) Fill the Data (It might be a paragraph or a page or a set of Pages Data) in File1.txt which acts as Input File.
4) Run the Script "Run.bat" and Click on Enter for the Pop Up Messages that appear till you get the Final Popup Message "Script Execution Completed Successfully. Please Check the Results
5) Once script execution is completed. Open the "4.WORDCOUNT.TXT" file
6) 4.WORDCOUNT.TXT file will have all the words which are present in Input File and Number of times each of word is repeated
7)Additionally 5.DISTINCT_VALUES_WITHOUT_DUPLICATES.TXT will have the Distinct Words present in the Input File

Developed By: Vijay Uppara (Vijaya Bhasker M Uppara) 

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